Unexpected events

It’s been a rough few days.

On Sunday we noticed Freddy (our lovable 100lb goldendoodle) wasn’t acting like himself. He had stopped eating and playing, and slept most of the day.

Later that evening we noticed his abdomen was swollen, and took him to the vet first thing on Monday.

The vet took a few x-rays, and told us his spleen was very large (beyond normal) and that he needed an emergency ultrasound at a specialized animal hospital.

Once the ultrasound ruled out a twisted or ruptured spleen, they performed a needle aspiration and told us they’d need to send the sample off to pathology for analysis, and we’d get the results the next day. They told us lymphoma was the most likely candidate.

The 24 hour wait for the results to come in was awful.

We got the call on Tuesday, and the test was negative for lymphoma (the good news!) but they suspect an aggressive immune-related condition (less-good news).

He’s on several medications now to try and reverse the swelling and bring his energy levels back up.

We’re not sure if the medication will help yet. For now we’re taking it “one day at a time” as the doctors recommended, and keeping our hopes up.