Writing for yourself

Fellow micro.blog-er @kaa, on writing for yourself:

While it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’re writing on your website for the ‘internet’, the truth of the matter is that you’re actually writing these things and obsessing about it’s design primarily and sometimes exclusively for yourself.

I fall into this trap a lot. I’ll get a new idea for something I want to write about, then come the little voices.

No one cares about this.

Surely someone out there has already written about this.

You’re probably going to get something wrong anyways.

Somehow knowing that people might read what I write, and that it might not be very good, keeps me from writing altogether.

Getting into micro.blog has actually helped me a lot with this. I’ve found small, title-less posts, are somehow easier for me to write than regular posts. Maybe because they are less “official” feeling, and therefore less likely to be judged like a piece of writing.

I hope I can put Khaled’s words into practice and focus on writing more for myself.